Colourpop Fall Edit

Colourpop is hands down one of my favorite brands. They are affordable, they have unique colors, and I haven’t found a product I don’t like. Last week they released the last set of their Fall Edit. In total they released three different sets: Plum, Terracotta, and Dusty Rose.

The Plum set contained an Ultra Satin Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencil, and two Super Shock Shadows. The Terracotta set contained two Ultra Matte Lips, an Ultra Satin Lip, four Super Shock Shadows, and a new Blush. The Dusty Rose set contained three Ultra Matte Lips, two Ultra Satin Lips, and three Super Shock Shadows.

I ordered four liquid lipsticks, four super shock shadows, and one creme gel liner.

4 liquid lipsticks, 4 super shock shadows, 1 creme gel liner. (Don’t mind the extra shadow- I ordered two of the same by mistake)
Left to Right: Hutch, Notion, Viper, and Femme

Hutch is an Ultra Satin Lip and is described as a blackened violet. Femme is also an Ultra Satin Lip and is described as a muted dirty lilac. Notion is an Ultra Matte Lip and is described as a rich red violet. Viper is also an Ultra Matte Lip and is described as a true dusty rose.

Left to Right: Femme, Viper, Notion, Hutch {Outdoor lighting}
Left to Right: Femme, Viper, Notion, Hutch {Indoor lighting}

All of these swatched beautifully. They were creamy and opaque, with one swipe coverage. These swatches are not fully dried down. In my experience they will dry a tinge darker then they first appear.

Now lets talk shadows.

While I have had a slight obsession with Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks for a while, I have only tried one shadow before this. Since I love dark smokey eyes just as much as vampy lips in the fall I thought this was a perfect time to try out some more of their super shock shadows.

Stereo and Tang were featured as part of the Fall Edit, although Stereo was already part of the permanent collection. Mixed Tape and Nillionaire were not part of the Fall Edit, but I thought they would be great colors for some fall makeup looks and I have had my eye on these two colors for a while. {Side note: You will notice that Nillionaire is broken in the pictures, it was delivered that way.}

Now if you have never used Colourpop shadows before they are a unique formula. They are almost a mousse texture, but they are so easy to work with. You can use them with a brush or your fingers. I personally like to use my fingers to apply color to my lids. I find that the color concentration is a bit better and then I’ll go in with a brush towards my inner corner and close to the crease.I use a brush to put color in my crease and they always blend out beautifully.

Top: Stereo, Left: Mixed Tape, Bottom: Tang, Right: Nillionaire

Stereo is described as a blackened burgundy with copper and pink violet duo chrome glitter in a metallic finish. Mixed Tape is described as a mid-tone cool grey in a pearlized finish. Tang is described as a soft dusty plum in a matte finish. Nillionaire is described as a warm bronze with tons of gold and multi colored glitter in a metallic finish.

Nillionaire {Natural Light}
Mixed Tape
Mixed Tape {Natural light}
Tang {Natural light}
Stereo {Natural light}
Left to right: Nillionaire, Stereo, Tang, Mixed Tape {Indoor lighting}
Bottom to Top: Nillionaire, Stereo, Tang, Mixed Tape {Outdoor lighting}

All of the shadows swatched really well. These are all one swipe swatches, Nillionaire might be the only one that would have to be built up, but overall I’m very happy.

The last item I ordered was a creme gel liner. I already own a creme gel liner in Swerve, which is their black shade and I LOVE IT. It is the best liner I own. It is very black, easy to work with, and once it is dry that liner does not budge. Which makes it perfect for the waterline.

Since I love Swerve so much I wanted to add to my collection. I picked Best-O because I thought it would pair really well with some fall looks. Best-O is described as a deepened burgundy and has a matte finish.



{Outdoor lighting}
{Outdoor lighting}

Best-O swatched so easily and so creamy. The thinner line is just one pass. The thicker line was my attempt to sheer it out a bit.

This liner is a great alternative to black. The deep burgundy would look great with a deeper smokey eye but also a nude shimmery eye look. This would look great in the waterline and smoked out on the lower lash line. You could even try this as an eye shadow base.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I can’t wait to start pairing these colors together and come up with some great fall inspired looks. I think Hutch would look great paired with a glittery gold eye look with Best-O winged out. For a full out vampy look you could pair Hutch and Stereo together for a more monochromatic burgundy look. Notion could look great with a strong black wing and a wine colored blush. The possibilities are endless.

I will have some Fall looks coming soon! What are your thoughts about Colourpop’s Fall Edit? What are your favorites? What looks would you like to see?



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  1. damgoodfood says:

    Love Colourpop!!! Great post! – Katie


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