Zombie Cupcakes | Baking

I had a Halloween/Fall potluck at work recently and I decided to try and get a bit creative. I got inspired for this by a Pinterest picture of human brain cupcakes. Halloween is always a great time to get creative, freaky, and gross when it comes to baking.


The best part of this is that it is all stuff you can easily get at any grocery and craft store. The picture above shows everything I used.

I made the cupcakes per the box recipe and filled the cupcakes 3/4 of the way full. I wanted to make sure that the cupcakes baked up to be more round and not flat, I figured it would help with the “brain” look.

I got the food coloring gel from my local Joann’s craft store. Gel is always the best to use for baking because it is more concentrated and it won’t alter the consistency of what you’re tinting.


Nice round cupcakes.


I put the frosting in a piping bag with a medium-ish round tip. For the “brain” part, I piped a line down the middle and then squiggle lines on either side.

I used this red gel for a blood effect. If I made this again I would probably skip this part. I felt that it obscured the brain effect of the frosting and it wasn’t runny enough for the blood look I was going for. Instead I would get seedless raspberry jam, tint it red, and use it as a filling. That way you when you bite into the cupcakes you get this rush of “blood”. Is that gross enough for Halloween?


All in all this were a hit at my work potluck! Not only did they look great but they were delicious.

If you make these or any other variation tag #kateandandystyle so I can see them!

Happy Halloween!



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  1. This is great! I know that Halloween is over but you can have a fancy dress party at any time of the year if you ask me. Also, I’ll take any excuse to make and eat sweet stuff haha. Betty Crocker is just the best, I love her (its?) carrot cake mix. Always a hit. Great blog by the way.

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