Sweater Weather | Haul

A good friend of mine introduced me to my new favorite shopping website, Tobi. Every time I go check out the website I end up making a list a mile long of new items that I’m dying over. Luckily I needed some new sweaters for this cold weather season so I decided to take a…

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. For me Thanksgiving is about friends, family, food, and making memories that will be with you forever. Unlike Christmas which is more about giving and receiving, Thanksgiving is just about being around loved ones and having a good time. Its times like these that I remind myself that…

Holiday Candles | Home

There is something about the holidays that make me so happy. Family gathering together. Friends coming together. Good food. Cozy clothes. There are certain smells that remind me of those feelings. Bath and Body Works knows how to make a great candle. I’ve tried other brands but I always end up coming back to them….

Green Smoke | Tutorial

I LOVE a smoky eye during the Fall and Winter months. I also love to do a smoky eye with colors that are not black or grey. I love wearing green shadow {even though some might bash wearing green shadow because my eyes are green}. This look also highlights how to use palettes all year…

Ultra Chi Flat Iron | Review

A flat iron. Something you may or may not think about. But sometimes a very crucial tool. My flat iron gave out a couple of weeks ago so I had to replace it. I decided to finally invest in a little bit of a nicer one. Lucky for me, Ulta had the new Ultra Chi…

Temple Coffee Roasters | Sacramento

I love coffee. That also might be an understatement. I drink coffee everyday. There is just something about sitting there with a warm mug enjoying the morning. It’s also the thing that gets me through most work day mornings. A couple Saturday’s ago I wanted to try a local coffee shop and walk around downtown. 

Lush | Haul

Lush is one of those stores at the mall that will always draw me in. I don’t know if its all the cute bath bombs and bubble bars or the amazing smells that waft out and get me.