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Lush is one of those stores at the mall that will always draw me in. I don’t know if its all the cute bath bombs and bubble bars or the amazing smells that waft out and get me.

If you haven’t heard about Lush before they really are a neat company. They have unique products, basically anything you would use on your body. But all of their products are 100% vegetarian. Their products are handmade. They are cruelty free. They also ethically source their ingredients.

Whenever  I walk in, I have to restrain myself from buying one of everything. My most recent trip I picked up some favorites and some holiday picks.


One of my favorites is the Pink Flamingo. This one is a reusable bubble bar. Which means you just hold it under the running water and bubbles will appear. The more you agitate the water the more bubbles you get!


Next up, Intergalactic. This is a bath bomb, so when you run your bath, fill it up and drop this in and watch it go to work. This one is full of peppermint and even popping candy to energize you! Bath bomb’s will start fizzing and will infuse your bathwater with all kinds of good stuff and will make your bathroom smell like a spa.


Sparkly Pumpkin. Could anything sound any more like Fall? This is a bubble bar and was part of their Halloween collection. As of now it is sold out online, but you may be able to find it in your local store. This one will leave your bathwater shimmering and smell of citrus and spice.


This next one is part of the Christmas collection. Luxury Lush Pud. Weird name, smells like heaven. This one is great for relaxation as lavender is a main ingredient.


Now if there is one Christmas related one to get, the Magic of Christmas bubble bar has got to be it. Like the pink flamingo, this is a reusable bubble bar. This packs a cinnamon punch and will also make your bathwater shimmer. For me this one just smells like the holidays and Christmas.


I can’t wait to use these goodies. Have you been to Lush lately? What should I pick up next?




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  1. I don’t have a bath so I can’t buy any bath bombs💔 but I’m dying to try the Lush lipsticks, they look gorgeous x


    1. They have so many other great products! They have shower gels, body conditioners, next I want to try their face masks.


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