Temple Coffee Roasters | Sacramento

I love coffee. That also might be an understatement. I drink coffee everyday. There is just something about sitting there with a warm mug enjoying the morning. It’s also the thing that gets me through most work day mornings. A couple Saturday’s ago I wanted to try a local coffee shop and walk around downtown. 

I dragged my boyfriend along and we went to Temple Coffee Roasters located on K and 22nd. This location is a restored 1880s building with exposed brick, high wood beams, and an interesting copper penny floor.

We showed up and the place was already packed and the line was long. This was surely a good sign. We ordered chai latte’s and I got a lemon and lavender muffin. We sat outside and enjoyed our drinks and a cool morning after the rain.

The drinks were wonderful. Probably the best chai latte I’ve had. The muffin was gluten free, soy free, and vegan. Honestly I have no idea what that muffin was made of but it was delicious and I could have had five of them.

If you are local, do yourself a favor and check out Temple. If your not, do yourself a favor and find a local coffee shop to make your own.




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  1. I also really like Old Soul “down the alley” on L Street, but I love this Temple location as well.


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