New Year 2017

It’s almost the new year! Can you believe it? I can’t. But it always seems that this time of year you start to hear “Wow, I can’t believe the year has just flown by!” 2016 was an interesting year to say the least. But the new year always seems to offer the promise of a…

Casual Christmas | Holiday

Tis the season. Christmas and Hanukkah are fast approaching. The holidays usually mean lots of parties and gatherings. I created this easily festive makeup look that has one special element: glitter.

Grey Days Ahead

Does anyone else get obsessed with a certain color every once in a while? I do. Not too long ago I was obsessed with the color purple. Right now I’m obsessed with all things grey. Grey nail polish, makeup, and even lip color. 

Just Another Saturday | Fashion

Cold weather is my favorite. I love Winter. Its a season that has the best memories for me. The times spent with friends and family. The holidays. The food. The chilly mornings that deserve a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket. The clothes. Fashion-wise I love sweaters and scarves and boots and dresses with…

Holiday Hairstyles | Hair

Hi everyone! Sorry for the little break in posts last week. Somehow the month of December got here with a bang and I’ve been so busy just trying to keep up! Speaking of December, this month seems to be the month of parties! I love a great dress up party. Its a chance to dress…

Pecan Pie | Baking

This past year I have started experimenting in baking. I love to watch baking competitions. Watch cupcake and cake decorating videos on YouTube. Find new and interesting recipes on Pinterest. I also blame my office for having monthly potlucks for giving me a reason to try all these new ideas.