Lazy Saturday

It has been raining practically non stop for two weeks. I think I might need to build a boat at this point. While dealing with the rain during the work week is never fun, I do love rainy weekends. There is something about waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of rain that is so relaxing and calming. 

Rainy Saturdays = Lazy Saturdays. What are some of your favorite things to have or do on a lazy weekend? I like to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, light my favorite candle, turn on a favorite movie or binge watch a new Netflix show [is anyone else obsessed with Versailles right now?!] Usually Sadie will join me for some snuggles.


Who could resist her? 

Snack food is a must on lazy days, because who wants to cook? Listening to the rain deserves hot chocolate and some marshmallows, the more the better. I’ve also discovered this popcorn at the grocery store that had holiday flavors. So think popcorn drizzled with chocolate and sea salt or white chocolate and candy cane.

Lazy days should also mean relaxing evenings. Sometimes its a perfect night for an at home spa treatment or take a bubble bath. Drink sleepytime tea.

Lush bath bomb in action

How do you like to spend lazy weekends?



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  1. This rainy winter we decided would be wonderful for pirates and whiskey! If the weather is cold and wet, we stay in and watch Black Sails while Lover mixes up old fashioneds for him and a simple whiskey coke for me with some lovely Teeling small batch. Perfect for being warm inside and out!


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