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Hello, my name is Nora, and I am a YouTube addict.

Does anyone else spend hours watching their favorite YouTube channels during the week? I certainly do. I’ve always loved make-up and beauty. But my obsession amped up when I started watching beauty channels. I was totally suckered in. I could probably do a post on “YouTube made me buy it”. I love watching tutorials, reviews, hauls…well pretty much everything.

I thought I would compile a list of my favorite channels. The ones that I think do honest reviews, fun tutorials, and other great content.

In no particular order:

Tati – GlamLifeGuru

Tati uploads 5 days a week, so there is always a new video to watch. She doesn’t post as many tutorials as other channels, but she does give pretty great reviews on products. And she’s generally consistent in her reviews. She won’t give something a pass just because it might be a higher priced item or its getting a lot of hype.

Casey Holmes 

I started watching Casey a few years ago because she was one of the few YouTubers that had oily skin (like me) so I felt that I could trust her foundation recommendations. At that time glowy-dewy skin was in, which was not great for my oily skin. She does lots of reviews and tutorials. I watch almost all of her videos, she’s funny and nice without being over the top.

Desi Perkins & Lustrelux

Desi and Katie (Lustrelux) are BFF’s and watching them makes me feel like I’m in their group of friends. They both do reviews and tutorials that I enjoy and just seem like your down to earth friends.

Jackie Aina

What can I say about Jackie Aina, I freaking love her. I stumbled upon her channel by watching one of her “Trends that need to die” videos and have been hooked on her ever since. She does great reviews, some really banging tutorials. And I like to watch her for a different perspective. She really points out some of the issues in the beauty industry that people of color have to deal with.

Nikkie Tutorials & Jaclyn Hill

These two women are some of the biggest YouTubers that I watch. They post some great reviews and tutorials. Especially Nikkie, she can create some really interesting looks. I like watching Jaclyn for hauls and some of her tutorials, but she can be a bit over the top for my taste.

Melissa Alatorre

I discovered Melissa through Instagram. She had maybe less than 30,000 subscribers back then. She does mainly tutorials and whole face looks. What I really like about her is that she goes out of the YouTube box. In the sense that YouTube can be flooded with “smokey eyes-nude lip” looks. Or once Fall comes around every YouTuber is putting out cranberry lip looks. Melissa isn’t afraid of color and she gets me to step outside my comfort zone sometimes.

Lisa Eldridge

Is a professional make-up artist and the current Creative Director for Lancome.You can really learn a lot from her videos. Her tutorials also focus on technique. She does natural to glam looks, but somehow makes even the glam looks seem effortless.


Pixiwoo consists of sisters, Sam and Nic, they are also behind the brand Real Techniques which is a great brush line (super affordable!) They are also professional make-up artists. They post great videos, mainly tutorials with a few reviews thrown in. I always feel like I can trust their opinion since they are professionals and don’t give into a lot of “hype”.


These are the channels that I go to again and again. If you have any recommendations please let me know! I’m always looking to subscribe to new and different people. Do you follow any of the ones I’ve mentioned?




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