Benefit Cheek Parade

About this time each year, makeup companies always release their Spring/Summer collections. Its always an exciting time. But I was most excited about this palette and I may have squealed a little bit when I saw this. 

Benefit Cosmetics released a few new products for Spring/Summer. They released a new shade of their cult favorite Hoola Bronzer, Hoola Lite. They released a new powder highlight, Dandelion Twinkle. They also have a new blush, Galifornia.

But when I saw this cheek palette, I died. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited for a Sephora delivery.


Benefit has always been a favorite. It was one of the first non-drugstore brands I remember noticing. My high school self was drawn in by their adorable catchy packaging. In fact when I was 16 I spent some of my first paycheck on BadGal Lash mascara. $20 bucks for a mascara seemed crazy to me! But I had to have it.


I had the same “had to have it” feeling when I saw this palette. This cheek palette is an incredible value, if like me, you don’t own any of these blushes. Benefit blushes and bronzers are $29. In this palette you get five FULL SIZED blushes and bronzers for $58. That’s crazy!  You’re basically getting three free products here.

Per usually the packaging for the Cheek Parade palette is adorable, with little majorette girls on the front (get it…parade…). Its made from sturdy cardboard and has a fabulous mirror on the inside. There are five full sized pans plus a spot for the brush that is included.

The shades are:

Hoola – matte bronzer

GALifornia – golden pink blush

Rockateur – rose gold blush

Hoola Lite – matte bronzer

Dandelion – light pink blush


Both GALifornia and Hoola Lite are brand spanking new. Which also makes me love this palette even more, is that they included two of their new releases.

The Hoola bronzer has been a beauty world staple for so long, but I could never use it. I was too dark as a bronzer and much to warm to try and use as a contour. So I’m thrilled that they released a lighter shade.

Galifornia is a beautiful bright pink blush with a golden sheen. (The gold sun is just an over spray). As a California girl myself, how could I not want a blush called Galifornia!

Top to Bottom: Hoola, Hoola Lite, Galifornia, Dandelion, Rockateur

These powders are all so beautiful. They swatch beautifully, they apply and blend seamlessly. I will definitely be using these all Spring and Summer. This palette is great to travel with for all those fun Summer adventures.


This palette is back in stock at Sephora and is now available at Ulta.


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