Unicorn Palette

Unicorn have been so hot right now. [cue the Starbucks Unicorn Frapuccino]

Earlier this season Tarte released the Make Believe In Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette, also marketed as the Unicorn palette since it was released with a bunch of other Unicorn/Spring/Festival kinds of products.

At first glance this palette is gorg. The packaging is colorful, there are some fun metallic shades, and I was drawn to it. But I kept telling myself that I didn’t need it. How often would I use the more fun colors. I already have copper and bronze eyeshadows.


That was until I finally saw it in store and I swatched it. The metallic shades were so creamy that its what eyeshadow dreams are made of. I gushed so hard in store my boyfriend might have rolled his eyes at me.

This is a great palette. I do find this a wearable palette, even the more colorful shades. The blues, lavender, and sage are not so in your face that you could wear them any time. The more everyday shades of copper, bronze, and taupe are so smooth and creamy.

Top to Bottom: Believe (Highlight), Pixie, Crystal, Dream, Mystic, Fairy
Top to Bottom: Trance, Marvel, Wings, Magic, Myth

Overall all of the shades are very pigmented and opaque. All the metallic shades almost look ‘wet’ when applied. The matte shade, Myth, is pigmented and blends well and is a great crease color. Its neutral enough to use to blend out the more colorful shades. My only complaint about the palette is the cheek highlight. Its not terrible, but its not great either. The powder feels very stiff and I feel like I really need to layer it to get the level of highlight that I want.

I think this palette is versatile. I’ve included two looks. One a bit more colorful and one a bit more conventional.


Fairy on the inner and outer corners with Mystic in the middle. These were difficult pictures to photograph


Trance allover the lid. Pretty easy look. You can see the little bit of fall out.

Have you guys tried this palette out? What are some of your favorite Spring trends right now?



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  1. Miz Lulu says:

    Beautiful photo’s!


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