Hot Lips

I love new releases. I especially love new drugstore releases! The products are usually affordable enough that I can try a few items from the line. I spotted these new lip lacquers from Maybelline and couldn’t wait to try them! 

When I first spotted these I thought they were maybe the Vivid Matte Liquids in new packaging (check out my thoughts on the matte version here). The word Vivid threw me. But these are a totally new and different product.

There are 12 shades in the entire collection and Maybelline describes the product as a “high impact lip gloss with an ultra shiny finish”. The shades range from nudes to deeps with even a blue or two thrown in.

I picked up four shades at one of my local Target.


I picked a nude (Tease), nude-pink (Too Cute), hot pink (Sassy), and an orange-red (So Hot). There were some great deeper colors but I wanted to pick up more summery colors.

The only color I haven’t worn yet is the hot pink (Sassy). All the others have worn spectacularly well. I love the applicator with this product. The gloss itself is a thicker consistency so its nice to have a pointy and precise applicator.


For a lip gloss these do have decent staying power. I’ve worn these to work and they have lasted all day. If you eat a heavy meal they will wear off but other than that they will last 6+ hours. These live up to the claim of being high shine, but they also dry down a little bit, you won’t have to worry about these slipping and sliding around on your lips. These are also incredibly pigmented. These are not a sheer gloss, they pack a high color punch.

Top to bottom: Tease, Too Cute, Sassy, So Hot

These are definitely one of my new favorite products. I really hope that Maybelline expands this line!

Do you have new drugstore discoveries?



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  1. Oh these colors are great!!

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