Body Love

I recently did a Summer skincare post, here, featuring some new products and how I switch it up from the colder seasons. Well just like my face I also change it up with what I put on the rest of my body. Keep reading to see what my new loves are! 

I recently wandered into Bath and Body Works during their semi annual sale to check out which candles were on sale, unfortunately none of my favorites. But I did find some new body care favorites!

During the summer I like to use products that are going to nourish and moisturize my skin, but are also refreshing.  During the summer you’re also showing more skin in shorts, dresses, and swim suits, so I like my skin to look and feel good. I don’t tan or self-tan, so I like to keep my skin nice and glowy by using body scrubs and lotions.

I am already a sucker for Bath and Body Works body products, especially shower gel. I usually stock up during their buy 3 get 3 sales and am basically set for almost the whole year. But when it comes to lotion I usually gravitate towards a lotion that has either a very light scent or is fragrance free, since I wear perfume daily and I don’t want it to clash (I find most Bath and Body Works lotions VERY fragrant).

I discovered the Coco Shea line. It comes in three fragrances: cucumber, honey, and coconut. The main ingredients in the line are Coco Butter and Shea Butter, both are very nourishing for you skin. Each variation offers something a little different. The all have a body wash, body scrub, body lotion, and a body butter/gel. But the honey line offers a Shower Jelly. The coconut line offers a Body Oil. The cucumber line offers a All Over Mist.

I picked up something from each line. I grabbed the coconut whipped body butter, the cucumber aloe gel, and the honey body scrub.


The coconut whipped body butter is incredibly creamy and thick. Just what you want in a body butter. I used it one night after shaving my legs, when my skin is usually the driest, and the next morning my skin was smooth, moisturized, and supple. It smells wonderfully like coconut, but not in a sunscreen kind of way. More of like a I’m-sitting-on-the-beach-sipping-an-umbrella-drink kind of coconut.


I was really intrigued when I saw the cucumber aloe lotion. The consistency is gel-like, but creamy at the same time. I’ve used this in the morning and its wonderful. During the summer I don’t like, or enjoy, putting heavy lotion on during the day. It gets so hot here in Sacramento that a thicker lotion makes me feel sticky and as if it never fully absorbs into my skin. This gel lotion is the exact opposite. Because of the aloe it is a very refreshing and cooling and light. The cucumber scent is ok. Its very much a strong, fake, kind of cucumber scent. I wish it was a bit more of a sophisticated scent, more spa like.


Lastly I picked up the honey ultra conditioning sugar scrub. I’ve used this about twice and I do like it. It is not a heavy defoliator, its a bit more gentle. It also doesn’t wash away completely. It leaves a oil-like residue behind. But I actually like that in my body scrubs, it makes my skin feel nourished and conditioned. The honey scent is not that strong in this scrub, but then again, I don’t think natural honey is an overpowering scent.

I would love to pick up a few more products from this line, especially the coconut body scrub and the honey shower jelly. 




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