Throwback Thursday | Just Peachy

I started this throwback series with my post about the OG Lorac Pro Palette (check it out here) so I wanted to continue with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. May not be as old, but it was such a cult favorite that Too Faced brought it back, made it permanent, and is now creating an entire ‘peach’ line. Talk about listening to the consumer! 

I’m not normally one to get wrapped up in the hype of a new makeup product. Now I probably have a bigger makeup collection then the average woman, I am a makeup lover after all, but I do not to have a collection to rival a mainstream beauty guru. I try to only buy things that I could see myself using more than just once.

But the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, I totally fell for the hype. I stalked my local Ulta when this palette was released the first time. The day it was released in store I was there when the store opened. A bit excessive? Yes. But do I love this palette? Absolutely.


Now you could easily search YouTube and find a gazillion reviews, demos, and tutorials for this palette. I’ve decided to do a smokey eye with this palette, somehow doing a peachy eye with a peach palette seemed too predictable.


First I started with a combo of Puree and Summer Yum in the crease, just to create a light transition shade and to give some definition.


Next I used Charmed I’m Sure in the outer V and in the crease, just lower than where I placed the first two shadows. Again this is to create definition and to help blend the darker colors.


I placed Peach Pit all over the lid, and then intensified the shadow by using a damp brush to amp up the shimmer. I also dabbed just a bit of Luscious right on the center of my lid.


I used Charmed I’m Sure on my lower lash line and smudged it out. I also used Luscious as an inner corner highlight. I also used Talk Derby To Me to deepen just the very outer V and outer lower lash line.


Last I applied generous coats of Lash Paradise mascara.


I love this palette. I thinks its incredibly versatile. You can create fun summer looks using the left side of the palette or you can use the right side of the palette and create deeper smokier looks. I think this is a very easy palette to work with, easy to blend, easy to travel with, just all around great.

I’m looking forward to see what Too Faced comes out with to expand the Peach line.

How many of you have this palette? What are some of your favorite shadows?



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  1. I love this eye look! I also really appreciate that you show pictures of how you created the final look. So helpful! Love your blog. xx

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

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