Getting Inked

Happy *almost* National Lipstick Day! If you weren’t aware Saturday July 29th is National Lipstick Day. So don’t forget to break out your favorite shade or maybe use it as a reason to rock something new!

But lets kick it off by talking about a new lipstick range at the drugstore. Introducing the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lip Color.

I believe these have been floating around Target locations the last couple of months but they recently popped up in Ulta and other drugstores.

There are currently 10 shades in the range, from nudes to deep vampy shades. They are supposed to be close to a liquid lipstick. They promise opaque saturated color and a matte finish.

I picked up four of the shades. Two more everyday shades and two bright summery colors.



Shade 10 Dreamer


Shade 15 Lover


Shade 25 Heroine


Shade 30 Romantic
Left to Right: Romantic, Heroine, Lover, Dreamer

I’ve been able to play around with these and have formed some thoughts.

First, I love the applicator for this product. The sharp tip is perfect for getting clean crisp lines when applying the product. The little hole in the middle of the applicator holds enough product to cover one lip.

Second, I found the colors to be opaque and creamy.

Third, the formula does dry matte. It’s not a dry matte (like a Colourpop liquid lip) but more of a comfortable matte. Although the only semi-con I have is that for the first 20 minutes or so after application it is a bit sticky. I would find that as the product was drying down the outer corners of my lips would stick together a little bit. But once the product was dry that went away. It is mostly food and drink proof. Now I’m sure if you ate a greasy hamburger these might break down.

Lastly, I think these are a great product. I really do feel like the drugstore is kicking butt lately with all the new releases!

Check out some of my other new drugstore lipstick reviews and swatches for inspo for National Lipstick Day (here and here).

Hope you all have a lip-tastic weekend!



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