Run Baby Run

Time to get a little more personal on the blog today. I know this is mainly a beauty and makeup blog, but I like to think readers won’t mind if I throw in a little lifestyle-personal post from time to time. 

In college everyone jokes about the freshman 15 that you can gain. I used to joke about the weight you gain in Grad School. Between working, high level academics, and not having enough time to eat right or go to the gym I had gained about 15 pounds going into my last semester. At that point I wanted to make a change, I wanted to graduate and feel my best.

I went to the gym, counted calories, and tried doing everything your supposed to do. But it wasn’t working. So I started to follow an Atkins/Keto diet, which is basically a strict low carb diet. It worked! The weight started coming off and within a year I had hit my goal weight and had even surpassed it. I felt that I had reached the best version of myself. I maintained this for about a year. But then in mid 2016 I decided that this was no longer a sustainable way to eat and I was starting to feel too constricted, and if I am being honest, I was also starting to get a little to compulsive about what and how I was eating. So I tried to still eat right but introduce carbs back into my diet- as you can imagine this didn’t go very well. And in 6 months I had gained back almost everything I had lost. Which when you start to wrap up your self worth with what you look like can be devastating.

But life is about balance, and its about finding a lifestyle that makes you happy. A few months ago I decided I needed to do something. I needed to be active. So I decided to throw on some running shoes and go for a jog.

Now, I have never been a runner. Growing up I did competitive dance. Not soccer like every other 90s kid I know. I hated P.E. I’m also asthmatic which makes exercise that much more difficult sometimes. So whatever possessed me to go on a run (a very slow and tedious run) I will never know. But it was the best thing I did.

Now don’t get me wrong, running hasn’t made me shed 25 pounds miraculously (although I wish it could) but it has given me an outlet. It gets me outside, running trails and parks I probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. When I start running it clears my head. Whatever ‘thing’ I’m compulsively over thinking, just vanishes from my head. It’s great if your competitive, because you’re competing against yourself. How much further or faster can you run. There are also countless other physical and health benefits to running.

Whatever physical activity you like to do, do it. Running, weight lifting, yoga, cycling. Just get out there. I thought I would share some of my running must haves. All purchased from my local running store.


New Balance
Nike Hat (Similar)  Feetures Socks
Massage Rollers
Handheld Water Bottle
Fitbit Blaze

I recently ran my first 5k. And it was awesome! I also signed up for a half marathon for the Fall. Is it an ambitious goal? Absolutely. But am I excited to push myself to do something I never thought I would or could do? Totally. Am I terrified. Yes. haha. But I’m in love with the feeling I get from lacing up my shoes and popping in my ear buds. It shuts out the world and all of my own thoughts and I focus on literally putting one foot in front of the other and just – letting go.


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