Work it Out

Last week I got a bit more personal and talked about some weight issues and how running has been a huge outlet for me. I featured some of my must haves as a novice runner. Another must have is work out clothes! (Since I can’t run around naked)

Regardless of what workout regimen you follow, one thing my girlfriends and I always agree on is that we like having cute workout clothes. You want to wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself (just like the clothes you wear to work or school) but you also need them to be functional.

I discovered the brand Fabletics a few years ago and purchased one of their outfits. I have worn those black capri pants for almost three years and they have not faded, stretched out, or worn down. If anything the fit and comfort has just increased over time. They are my most worn pair of workout pants and leggings.

So since I’ve been running so much I needed to buy expand my work out wardrobe. I decided to go back to Fabletics since I had such a great experience with them.

The first pair is the Lisette High-Waisted 7/8 Capri. I wanted to try something fun, so I picked these up in the painted poppy print. I really like that these are high waisted, it would be perfect for those that do yoga, Pilates, or weight lifting.  I also like that as a capri these are a tad bit longer and hit below my calf muscle.


The second pair of capri’s I got was the Salar Capri. This is the capri style I already own, so again I got a fun print instead. This is the Havana print. It reminds me a art deco type palm leaves (even though my boyfriend keeps calling them my camo pants). Now these are not high-waisted per se, but they are at least a mid rise pant. So you don’t have to worry about working out and the pants riding down.

What also sold me on Fabletics were the capri styles. I am 5’8″ with an inseam of 33-34″, so a lot of capri style pants don’t fit me like they should. Fabletics capri’s are actually capri’s.


I also ordered two pairs of black leggings. One from the Lisette high-waisted line and one from the Salar line. Really the only difference is where the top fits. I also thought that going into the fall and winter these would be perfect black leggings to pair with oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and tennis shoes or boots.


Overall I’m very happy with my purchase and I’ve been wearing these non-stop. They have been so comfortable to run in, no sliding down.

If you’re looking for some cute workout clothes give Fabletics a shot!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the gym leggings! So pretty 🙂


    1. Thank You! They are really the best!


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