How many of you are sucked into hauls on YouTube? I know I am. Watching hauls is a great way to see whats new, but sometimes I don’t need all that stuff! Now I love makeup, so I probably have more makeup products than the average woman. But I am not a professional so I do not have a need for every product that gets released (I also don’t have a budget for that). I recently discovered anti-haul videos from Kimberly Clark and not only is she hilarious to watch, but she talks me down from hitting the purchase button on Sephora sometimes. Interested in seeing what I’m not going to buy? Then keep reading! 

First up is the most controversial eyeshadow palette that I have ever seen in the beauty community. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about watch Alissa Ashley’s and RawBeautyKristi‘s videos on the palette and you’ll see what I mean. But this is the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Subculture palette.


I was really excited for this palette because the colors were just so unique for a palette and was unlike anything I had in my collection. Now there are some favorable reviews but they all say that this is for someone who is not a beginner and you really have to spend time to get the shadows to blend. I’m not here for that. Just because a shadow is pigmented doesn’t mean I need to work harder for it to blend. Too much drama. Too much work. No thanks!

Another eyeshadow palette I’m not giving into the hype? The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I almost bought this the week it came out. But then told myself to wait until it came out in store, because I like to swatch things myself. But the more I waited the more my desire for this palette went away. I’m also over the really warm trend and they are not colors I reach for often.

naked heat

I guess I am really not about eyeshadow palettes lately. At least there haven’t been a lot that have interested me enough to buy. The same is said of these Mac eyeshadow palettes. I think the concept is cool, I like the palettes themselves, and I like the color combos but I don’t personally love any of them enough to buy. I also think the names are a little try hard. Like really, Mac, Basic Bitch? Thanks, but no thanks.


Last eyeshadow palette I promise. I might be the only person out there that doesn’t hate Too Faced eye palettes. I love my Sweet Peach palette and Natural Eyes (so much so that I’ve contemplated getting the Naturally Matte palette). But this Glitter Bomb palette I just cannot get behind. The swatches and videos I’ve seen just haven’t blown me away. If I had to choose a glitter palette, it would be UD Moondust.

glitter bomb

Contour and highlight have taken the makeup world by storm the last couple of years. Its now something that the everyday makeup wearer can do, its no longer a technique that only professionals use. Kim Kardashian West came out with her own contour products, which I think is great. Her makeup looks and techniques have shaped the makeup community. I’ve heard great things about the products themselves. But I think the price point and the amount of product you get is a bit ridiculous. So I’m going to pass. The same can be said with the rainbow highlighters that have somehow swept the market. I just think they are a little to childish, so not for me.



Last but not least, Huda Beauty. She started out on Instagram and her products are now sold in Sephora. Part of her summer collection included lip strobe lip glosses. They look pretty, the concept is cool, but I’m not tempted enough to spend $18.



So that’s it for this anti-haul. What makeup or beauty products are you passing on? Let me know if you like these kinds of posts!




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  1. hollyxblogs says:

    I love this post! I’m the same- I see a haul and desperately want the products but definitely don’t need them!


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you loved the post!


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