Glow Gloss

You know I hate to admit this, but sometimes the packaging and the finish of a product lures me in. This is exactly what happened with the Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss. There I was just walking through Sephora when I spotted these beautiful glow glosses. I had seen these earlier in the summer but they didn’t interest me at the time. But when I saw them in person, I was hooked.


I have a gazillion matte liquid lipsticks, but I’ve been reaching for glosses more and more. When I’m on the go or need something that is low maintenance, a gloss is the way to go. These glosses are perfect for that.

They are beautiful on their own, but are great layered over a more opaque lipstick. They have a beautiful duochrome shift styled after the Becca highlighters. The three I have are Amethyst x Geode, Rose Quartz x  Seashell, and Opal x Jade.

Amethyst x Geode, lavender duochrome with an aquamarine shift. 


Rose Quartz x Seashell, rose with a hot pink shift.


Opal x Jade, golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift.


These glosses are perfect on their own with the beautiful duochrome shift they appear more interesting then a normal gloss. Over a lipstick they are great to highlight and change the finish. These glosses are more on the sheer side and even with the glitter they are not gritty feeling on the lips. The gloss itself is not sticky and is a bit of a thicker gloss so it will stay put even when worn by itself.

swatched top to bottom: Rose Quartz x Seashell, Amethyst x Geode, and Opal x Jade
These swatches really show off the duochrome shift.

My favorite is the Amethyst x Geode, the blueish shift makes it really interesting. The Rose Quartz x Seashell is really beautiful over a pink neutral lipstick. The Opal x Jade is really different because the shift appears green which unusual. I really love these glosses. I think they are a great everyday gloss as well as a great layering gloss. They add interest with the duochrome shift and really enhance any look.

These are a limited product, so I’m not sure how long these will be around, but if you’re interested check them out!




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  1. I am obsessed with anything glitter so I think I need these! 😍

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    1. They are so pretty!! You have to check them out

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