Becca Blur

I am on a constant quest to have amazing, flawless skin. Even when I don’t I like to find products that might help me look like I do. One recent discovery does just that. 

I picked up the new-ish Becca Velvet Blurring primer right before the Too Faced Peaches and Cream launch. I had only tried it once or twice before I was swept up into a peaches and cream frenzy. But recently I’ve gone back to it so I could give it another go before writing this review.



When I first started testing this primer I was battling some really intense allergies, which meant I had been very sniffly, and I had some dry patches around my nose. I also had a couple of dry patches on my face from the change in the weather (and from not feeling well). The first few times I used the primer it accentuated those dry patches so much! As if I had shined a spot light on the parts of my face I would like people to not notice. Not only did the primer accentuate the dryness, but it made my foundation cling to those areas and cake up during the day. My makeup was a hot mess.

Sorry for the insane close up, but you can see how it clung to the dryness here.

Now once I felt better and my dryness went a way, I gave the primer another shot. And let me tell you, it shined. I’ve used other pore filling, blurring primers but nothing has worked this well.


The primer is VERY liquidy but when you apply it, it almost turns into a powdery feeling. Even before you apply concealer or foundation I could see that my pores were blurred and my skin felt smooth to the touch. It doesn’t feel like a silicone primer at all, it does feel smooth like velvet.

You can see how runny the primer is here


But it dries down very nicely

My concealer and foundation blends out perfectly on top with no issues. The primer claims to help control oil and that is true. My t-zone stays matte during the day without looking dry.

I would recommend this primer if you have normal to combo to oily skin. If you are dry at all I would steer clear of this. If your interested in a Becca primer check out the First Light Filter primer.




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