New Elf Brushes

For me brushes can make or break your makeup application. They can either make your makeup look flawless or not so much. I tried out some new (new to me) e.l.f brushes I found at target. Keep reading to see how they performed! 

E.l.f has had a line of brushes for years, they have a black handle and black bristles. I’ve used the “C” eyeshadow brush for years now and I love it. So when I ran past these new brushes they caught my eye because they are the complete opposite of the current brush line.


These brushes have white bristles and either clear or silver handles. I picked up two face brushes, the Multi Blender Massager and the Precision Airbrush Blender, these brushes retail for $12 each. A little bit of a higher price point for e.l.f. but it is about the same as Real Techniques brushes or Morphe.


The Multi Blender Massager brush really stood out to me. I’ve never seen anything like it. It has a unique curve that seems like it would hug the contours of the face. The bristles are so soft and densely packed. The brush also has these little nubs that I assume are the massage bits of the brush. It has a short handle but is easy to grip and the triangular shape of the handle allows it to stand up on my vanity.


The Precision Airbrush Blender looks like a normal face brush. The handle is made of clear acrylic with densely packed bristles that have a slight slope to them. The bristles are so incredibly soft. The brush has a nice weight to it, it does not feel like a cheap brush.



I used both of these brushes first for foundation. The Multi Blender Massager was not the easiest brush to use for foundation. I wanted it to be more like a kabuki brush but the longer bristles were too flimsy. Because of the different lengths of the bristles, the different lengths acted differently. The shorter bristles were more like a kabuki brush and blended in my foundation beautifully but the longer bristles made my foundation apply a little streaky. So much so that I would have to go in with my beauty blender after to get rid of the streaks. I also feel like I need to use more foundation than normal, the brush soaks up a lot of product.

Because of the shape of the brush I can’t really see this being used for any other products. The shape and density don’t make it very useful for blush, contour, highlight, or any other powder. Also the ‘massage’ aspect of the brush is lost once you start to blend the foundation into your skin, you don’t feel the little nubs. I don’t hate the brush, but I probably won’t reach for it very often since I have other foundation brushes that I like a lot better.

The Precision Airbrush Blender was also not a winner. I thought because of the density and softness of the bristles this would be great for cream products. But when I used it to apply my foundation it would leave areas streaky. I also found that this brush soaks up more product than my other foundation brushes.

While I don’t like this brush for foundation, I think it could work for powder foundation. I’ve used this brush for blush application and I do like it. Its too dense and stiff for an all over powder brush. I like a brush with more movement when I used powder to set my face. But for buffing in a powder like foundation or blush it works really well.


While I wasn’t totally blown away by these products I might still try some of the new eye brushes they have in this line. Have you tried these products? What are you thoughts?





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