Liquid Metal

I love the holidays because they bring people together, friends and family. They evoke feelings of community, love, and caring for your fellow man. But I also love the holidays because it means holiday sets and palettes. 

The holidays are a great time to try a new product, a new formula or a new brand because you can easily find value sets that will let you try quite a few items for a great price point.

The first holiday set I saw and was genuinely really excited for was the Cover fx Custom Enhancer Drops set. You can find this at Sephora and for the same price as one regular sized custom enhancer drop you get 4 deluxe size drops.


The four little bottles equal the same amount as the normal bottle. The set includes their four best selling shades. Halo, a holographic multi-dimensional shade. Celestial, a glistening pinky pearl. Moonstone, a warm silvery glow. Rose Gold, a warm pinky bronze.


The four little bottles are packaged the same as the regular sized bottles, a glass bottle with a dropper. I was so excited for this set because I’ve always been tempted to try this product. But I could never pick just one shade and liquid highlight is not usually my go to so I didn’t want the product to go to waste. This set was perfect for me because I got four of their best selling shades and I knew that the smaller bottles meant that the product wouldn’t go bad before I could use it up.

Rose Gold

This set would be perfect for someone who LOVES a highlight you can see from space. This product is basically liquid metal. These drops pack quite the punch but make sure you work fast or they can become blotchy (which with something so metallic is very easy to see).

I found the best way is to put some drops on a the back of your hand and use a beauty sponge to pounce the product on the areas you want highlighted. I found that if you use your finger to apply directly to the skin it doesn’t look as great.

Natural light – top to bottom: Halo, Celestial, Moonlight, and Rose Gold
Indirect sunlight  – top to bottom: Halo, Celestial, Moonlight, and Rose Gold
With flash – top to bottom: Halo, Celestial, Moonlight, and Rose Gold

The swatches are stunning right?! You can see just how metallic they look. Now I will say that Halo acts a bit different, its a bit more watery, but still beautiful. It’s hard to see in the pictures but Halo has a beautiful blue flash to it.

These would also be great used as an eye shadow, a liner, or even on the lips for a more editorial look. Once these dry down they don’t move. Which shade is your favorite?

I have many more holiday sets coming soon, so keep checking back to see which I think are definitely worth the money.




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