Saint & Sinner | Part 1

Kat Von D always comes out with GREAT holiday palettes that are limited edition. Last year they came out with the Metal Matte palette and unfortunately I waited too long and I missed out. So this holiday season I was determined to not miss out! 

Sneak peeks for the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette started to leak months before it was actually revealed. At first I wasn’t too interested. The colors at first glance didn’t seem to go together. It wasn’t until Kat Von D posted a swatch video on her own channel and I fell in love. At first glance the colors don’t look too unusual but if you take a second look and during swatches they end up being rather unique.


This post will be in two parts. This post will be about the palette and then part two will have two different looks that I created using the palette. So don’t forget to check back!

Kat explains that the inspiration for the palette were the vibrant stained glass windows in Gothic Cathedrals. There are 12 Saint and 12 Sinner shadows for a total of 24 shadows. The palette is $62 which is a bit more expensive then most palettes but with 24 shadows it breaks down to about $2.50 a shadow.


I have to say I love this palette. A few months ago I felt like I was in an eyeshadow palette funk, there just wasn’t anything out there that caught my eye. But this palette absolutely did. The packaging is absolutely stunning. I love the Cathedral shaped palette, it looks beautiful sitting on my vanity and I have traveled with this a few times and I haven’t had any problems with the palette popping open or anything like that.


I’ve used this palette several times and these shadows are great. I haven’t had any patchiness or skipping with the shades I’ve used. These shadows are opaque and blend effortlessly. Both Absolution and Rapture are transforming top coats. They are not heavily pigmented on their own since they are meant to layer over other shadows.


Top to Bottom: Worship, Immaculate
Top to Bottom: Amen, Sacred Heart, Chalice 
Top to Bottom: Crucifix, Heaven, Sanctuary
Top to Bottom: Baptism, Rosary, Cathedral


Top to Bottom: Sabbath, Ashes
Top to Bottom: Martyr, Devil, Revelation
IMG_4077 (2)
Top to Bottom: Vestment, Ministry, Exodus
Top to Bottom: Exorcism, Relic, Stigmata


This palette is truly unique and I reach for it more often then I thought I would. My favorite shades are Ashes, Devil, Cathedral, Ministry and Worship. This palette contains so many unique shades that round out my collection.

Don’t forget to check back for part two next week! I’ll have a Saint and Sinner look to show how to maximize the shadows in this palette.





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    Hi Nora, I did contact you before via your contact information, but as I didn’T get any reply I wanted to ask you here via comments if you are interested in a collaboration? Should that be the case or if you would like to get more information I would happily hear back from you directly Should you not be interested, all the best and happy blogging!


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