Blend & Blur

This past weekend Ulta had one of those rare coupons that was 20% off of your entire purchase (including prestige brands!!!). So of course I went in for one item and walked out with more and Christmas presents for others. One of the items I picked up was the new Real Techniques Blend and Blur brushes. If you’re interested in seeing how it performed keep scrolling! 

My local Ulta was packed, I’m sure because of the coupon and it was a Saturday, so the check out line was 5 years long. Near the check out line is the brush and tools aisle. Standing there the new Blend and Blur brushes from Real Techniques caught my eye. I LOVE Real Techniques brushes. I have various RT brushes and they have never disappointed me.

The new Blend and Blur line has 5 brushes in total. There is a All Over brush, Foundation brush, Contour brush, Cheek brush, and a Shadow brush. These like the Artis brushes that were all the rage just a few years ago, but a much more affordable option. They range from $13 to $20 dollars.


I picked up the All Over brush. The brush itself is very soft and very densely packed and slightly domed. The handle is made of soft touch material (think NARS packaging) which I like and is comfortable, but I could see getting dirty easily. The brush is easy to clean and although it is densely packed, dries relatively quickly.


I’ve been using this to apply my foundation and I’ve been loving it. My Ulta didn’t have the Foundation brush in stock, I didn’t even realize there was one until I looked up the brush line, but the All Over brush works great for foundation too, its just a larger brush.

I see why this is called the Blend & Blur line because that is exactly what this brush does. Even thought the brush is large the edges of the brush are very soft and flexible so I find it easy to still get into the smaller areas around my eyes and nose. This blends my foundation so quickly and seamlessly. I don’t find the need to go in after with a damp beauty sponge to remove any brush marks.


I’m really loving this brush. It might be my new go to foundation brush. The size of this would also be great if you self tan. I could see this making it easy to apply self tanner with no streaks and you wouldn’t get messy hands. I’ve also tried this with powder foundation. Because of how dense it is this provides a very medium/full coverage finish with powder foundation. I’m really interested in the Cheek and Contour brushes and might pick those up next.

What are your go to brushes?




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