I heard you were a Wild One

I’m back with another holiday palette to review. This time I’ve got The Wild One from Marc Jacobs. I was intrigued by this palette because I loved my other Marc Jacobs palette so much. This will be Part One (just like the KVD Saint & Sinner palette). Part Two will have couple eye looks using the palette. 

The Wild One Eye-Conic palette comes with 20 eye shadows. 18 new colors in the new shadow formula in four fashion finishes. This is a more expensive palette, but so are other Marc Jacobs palettes, but with such a large palette it feels a little bit more like a deal. Or at least that is what I told myself when I ordered it. The palette is also decked out in a fun zebra print case. I’m not sure how much I like the zebra print, but its what is on the inside that counts!


The shades are arranged in 5 columns, with the idea that you can create a look within that one column.


One the back of the palette the shades are only numbered. On the packaging it has the names listed and on Sephora’s website. The palette also comes with a great big mirror which is a huge bonus.


I’ll be swatching the eye shadows by column since that’s how the shadows are organized.

Top to Bottom: Paper Tiger, Nest Egg, Golden Fleece, and Foxy!
Top to Bottom: Nine Lives, Lion’s Share, Cat Fight, Free Bird
Top to Bottom: Sheepish, Chameleon, Dog & Pony, Bearish
Top to Bottom: Early Bird, Hen Party, Bull’s Eye, Cat Call
Top to Bottom: White Elephant, Funny Bunny, Pea-cocky, Crow’s Nest

This palette is beautiful. It has a mix of everyday wearable colors with a selection of bolder, brighter colors. Paper Tiger, Nine Lives, Dog &Pony, and Bearish are FANTASTIC crease and blending shades. So much so that I will reach for the palette just for those shades.

The mattes in this palette are buttery smooth and are a dream to blend. The shimmers range from more dry shimmers to shades that almost feel wet to the touch. There is one shade, Hen Party, that is a very unique formula. I thought it would be like the Gold shade from my Marc Jacobs Edgitorial palette, but it was drier and wasn’t as opaque. That shade was a little bit of a let down from what my expectations were.

When I was swatching this palette there were a few shades that I thought  Ihad dupes for.

First dupe is the shade Rapture from the Kat Von D Saint & Sinner palette. In the picture below Rapture is the top swatch and Hen Party is the bottom swatch. As you can tell Hen Party is more opaque than Rapture, since Rapture is designed to be a top coat. But the color and color shift is practically identical.


The second dupes are shades from my Marc Jacobs Edgitorial palette. The top swatches are Paper Tiger and Early Bird from the Wild One palette. The bottom swatches are from the Edgitorial palette in the shades Take a Memo and Next Season. If you stare hard enough you can see the slight differences, but to the naked eye I think they look the same. The formula feels the same between the two Marc Jacobs palettes as well.


Overall I think this would make a great gift for someone or if you just wanted to add to your collection. The zebra print is fun and makes the palette stand out. The formula of the shadows is top notch. The colors are great for everyday but also has some great bold colors that are easy to incorporate. This is definitely a splurge item, but I think its worth  it. Stay tuned for part two where I show how to create two different looks from the palette!

What are some splurge items you have on your wishlist?




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    Hi Nora, I tried to get in touch with you earlier for a collab, but I didn’t hear back. So I just wanted to say Hi here and wanted to ask if you are open to collabs. Should that be the case I happily would hear back from you on my email elena@blogerize.com– should you not be interested happy blogging and all the best! Xoxo


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