Wild One | Part 2

I teased you with how gorgeous this palette was last week with Part One of this series. But now let me show you how to use this amazing palette. I’ve created two looks with just this palette. Keep scrolling to check them out! 


Since the palette is organized that each column is supposed to be able to complete a single look, which is exactly what I did.

The first look I did I used the second column and the shades free bird, cat fight, lion’s share, and nine lives. I feel like this is a very wearable colorful look, in the sense that its not neutral tones but the colors are not too bright and out there.


First I used Nine Lives in the crease to create a nice transition shade.


Next I used Free Bird on the inner and outer corners to create depth and the start of a halo eye look.


I then used Cat Fight on the center of my lid. I used my finger to pat this on to get the most out of the color. I then mimicked the same placement on my bottom lash line and blended it out with Nine Lives.


Then I applied a little wing liner and mascara!


Tada! A very easy look.

For the second look I wanted to do something a little different. Something darker. The shades used are from the last column and are Funny Bunny, Pea-cocky, and Crow’s Nest.


I gradually built up Pea-cocky in the crease, I found that it helped to use a clean blending brush to help blend out the edges of such a dark color.


Next I used a brush and my finger to apply Crow’s Nest to my lid. This color is matte but has silver micro glitter in it. If you use a brush the glitter goes away, but if you use your finger the glitter will stay.


I also brought Crow’s Nest and Pea-cocky on my lower lash line and really smoked it out.


Then I wanted to do something a little bold. I used fix plus and an angle brush and used Funny Bunny as a liner. This took a little time, but I think it turned out great and makes the look fun and festive.


I deepened the lower lash line a bit more, added mascara, and called it a day!


These deep teal colors were a great alternative for a smokey eye and I ended up really liking it.

Overall I really liked the looks I created. The shades were easy to work with. Most of them blended like a dream. The shades are pigmented. This is a great palette with a mix of everyday shades, bold pops, pastels, and deep shades. This would be a great gift for a makeup lover, a Marc Jacobs collector, or yourself.

Who else has tried out this palette? What are your favorite shades?




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