Heavy Metal Head | Part Two

Hey y’all, sorry for the delay, but part two of the Heavy Metals post is finally here! If you haven’t seen my original post on the Heavy Metals palette go check out my post (here). 

I won’t go over too much of a review of the shadows since I did that in the first post. But the palette is still available and the price has dropped again since the first post. When was the last time you bought an Urban Decay eye shadow palette for $27?! So run to your computer or phone and order this palette stat!

Here are some pictures of the palette to refresh your memory.


The last tutorial was more of a wearable look featuring the right side of the palette. This time around I wanted to feature the beautiful colors in the palette and I also tried to stick only to the palette and not reach out for other shadows. So lets get to it!

I started with just a light wash of a matte shade in the crease. Just to help the other shadows blend easier.


On a flat shader brush I placed Glamrock on the inner third of my lid and Metalhead on the center of the lid. I applied these dry first and then used my finger to help intensify the color.


I then took a pencil brush and applied Spandex on the outer third and winged it out. I took a makeup remover wipe to help clean up the edge and make it sharper once I got the shape I liked.


I took the same small pencil brush and smudged Spandex on the lower lash line. I also smudged Amp on the lower lash line as well.


I put Glamrock on the inner part of my lower lash line and lined my inner rim with gel liner. I applied a few coats of Velvet Noir from Marc Jacobs.


Here’s the complete look. I topped it with a peachy nude gloss from Lorac. I like how this turned out – the silver lightened up the look and the teal is a nice pop against the purple. I’ve worn winged liner lots of times, but never winged out my eyeshadow. I think it turned out okay but its a technique that I want to try again because there is some room from improvement.

I seriously can’t get enough of this palette. I use it so much that I feel like my other palettes are being neglected. Does that happen to anyone else? You get so sucked into a product you neglect your other makeup? What makeup techniques are you working on improving? I’d love to chat in the comments below!






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  1. Love the look you created!! When I first saw this palette online, I thought “there is no way these metallic eyeshadows are pigmented” and yet I am surprised by seeing your pictures and swatches! Were you able to have good pigmentation even with a brush?


    1. I was surprised too! And yes the pigmentation is there even with a brush. I use my finger to intensify the metallic finish. The first few photos of the look, the shadow is applied with only a brush.

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      1. Oh wow, that’s impressive!! Now I am very tempted to get this palette :O Thank you! -xox-


      2. No problem! Thanks for reading!

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  2. Nova says:

    I am super obsessed with this palette, and also did a review and some looks with it on my blog if you are curious at all! I love the colour combinations you chose! Your pictures are also great quality! I also bought this palette on sale and I am so so happy that I did! This has got to be UD’s best palette yet.


    1. I will check out your post! And thank you so much! I have to say this is my favorite UD palette too. I had bought the Naked Smokey a few years ago and wasn’t blown away with the quality so I had stayed away from UD since. But this palette and the moondust palette changed my mind.

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