Morphe Brushes Haul

I’m loving all the new brands that Ulta is carrying now. They have added so many in the past 6 months, one of the brands they are carrying online and in store is Morphe. 

My local Ulta totally revamped the drugstore displays and when they did, the Morphe display got an upgrade. They carried more brushes in store and a few new palettes. I picked up a few new brushes and a new sponge.


Morphe has also revamped their branding and you can see on the brushes which ones have the new branding. I think the new branding is very sleek and sophisticated over the old branding.


I picked up three new brushes that are perfect for detail shadow work. I tend to go through stages of ordering brushes. Before this trip I purchased a bunch of blending brushes.


From top to bottom: I picked up the M431 Precision Pencil Crease brush, for $5. Next is the M421 Mini Concealer brush for $3.50. Lastly is the M506 Tapered Mini Blending brush for $6.

I’ve used these brushes a few times now and they are great. They perform just as well as my Sephora Collection brushes. The pencil brush works just as well as my MAC pencil brush. Applies a nice amount of pigment and isn’t scratchy. The Mini Concealer brush I picked up to use for packing on color. I used it to create a cut crease look and the size of the brush makes it perfect to pat color on the lid. The tapered mini blending brush is just an all around great detailing brush. Its the perfect size to blend and smoke out the lower lash line. Its also perfect to create a detailed blending look in the crease. I could easily see this one becoming a favorite.


I also picked up the Highlight & Contour Beauty sponge for $7. I already own the Flawless Beauty sponge from Morphe so I had high hopes for this sponge as well. The shape of this reminds me of the Real Techniques beauty sponge because of the flat edge. But it is flat on both sides and the edge is straight, which is what makes this sponge perfect for baking or carving out your contour.



Here is the damped sponge next to my other (dirty) Morphe sponge. When its dry it is the same size as the other Morphe sponge. They are both about the same size as my original Beauty Blender (also well loved and dirty).


Honestly I haven’t reached for my Beauty Blender since I got the Morphe sponges, I like them more than the Real Techniques sponge.

I love Morphe brushes and have never had any issues with the quality. They are a great alternative to more expensive brushes if that is just not in your budget. What are some of your favorite brushes or brush lines?




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