ColourPop x Ulta

I am so excited that ColourPop is now carried at Ulta. Like reallllllyyyyy excited. I’ve been a lover of ColourPop since they came out, but I really like that they are carrying some products in store because who doesn’t like being able to try products before you buy them.

Ulta started carrying ColourPop in stores on February 24th, I got home from a girls weekend and went straight to my local Ulta to snag a few items. Luckily the small display still had quite a few items left.


I’ve purchased ColourPop Super Shock Shadows before but I was really interested in their eyeshadow palettes. I had heard great things about their newer pressed shadow formula and was excited to try it out.

I picked up the Element of Surprise palette. There are 12 shades, half are metallic and the other half matte.


There is a great mix of browny transitional shades and a few pops of fun color. The bright pink Barbie shade is really what drew me to this palette, I don’t really have anything like it in my collection.


Swatched top to bottom: Feels, Late Night, Silk Street, Rayon


Swatched top to bottom: Go with the Flow, Subdue, Opulent (how stunning is this shade?!), Labyrinth


Swatched top to bottom: Blank Canvas, Sea Stars, Details, Peace of Mind.

A lot of the metallic shades in this palette have a duo-chrome shift to them which makes them unique. When swatching this palette the mattes felt a little stiff and patchy and the metallic’s felt okay. But this is a great example of how swatching a palette doesn’t give the full story, because when I actually used the shadows they performed perfectly. The mattes blended out with no issues or patchiness and the metallic’s were beautiful.

I also picked up two Super Shock Shadows in colors that I had looked at online but never bought.


The two shades I picked up are Bae (left) and Lace (right). I have to say that the pictures do not do justice for how beautiful Bae is. It is one of those shadows that is best seen in person.

I’ve used the Super Shock Shadows before and like them. They are best applied with your finger tips and you have to make sure you close them tight or the shadows can dry out. The one draw back is I find that these do fade over the course of the day, but they don’t disappear, they last for a good 6 hours.






Swatched top to bottom: Lace & Bae.

Lace is a beautiful vibrant purple with a hint of purple shimmer to it. Bae has a browny kind of base with a blue/purple glitter in it. It almost reminds me of blue/brown pigment from MAC. I can’t wait to play around with these shades.

I hope Ulta expands the selection of ColourPop products, I would love to see the whole line carried. Did you pick up any of the ColourPop goodies at Ulta yet? Which ones are your favorites?




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  1. Gorgeous colors. I love ColourPop.

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    1. Me too! Who doesn’t love affordable make up that’s awesome!

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  2. makeuparmor says:

    I was so happy to see this atmy Ulta today! Everything was sold out though. You got some beautiful shadows and that palette…. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I went I was so surprised they weren’t sold out of everything. I’m loving all of my purchases so far!

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