Throwback Thursday | Infallible Pigments

This throwback Thursday post makes me a little nostalgic. These drugstore shadows were my ride or die for the longest time, long before I ever bought an eyeshadow palette.

You can’t find these shadows at Ulta anymore but you can find them at your local drugstore or Target. Honestly these are amazing drugstore shadows, I hope L’Oreal doesn’t discontinue them. So what am I talking about?!


The Loreal Infallible 24 HR Eyeshadow. These shadows are more like a pressed pigment. The little pot even comes with an insert that keeps the pigment pressed down. While most of the shades range from a satin to shimmer/metallic finish there are a few matte shades.

I recently did a little decluttering of my makeup collection and even though I’ve had these for a few years now these were still performing well and I couldn’t part with them.


Swatched from top to bottom: Iced Latte, Amber Rush, Bronzed Taupe, Burst Into Bloom, Golden Sage, Midnight Blue, Smoldering Plum.

The above swatches were applied with no primer and with one swipe. As you can tell they are incredibly pigmented and have a great shimmer finish.

To go along with this throwback I have two looks I created with these shadows.

The first was my go to shadow look for a loooong time. This is also a one shadow look, for those days when you’re in a rush or you just don’t want to spend a lot of time on your makeup.

With a fluffy blending brush, use Bronzed Taupe to blend in the crease. Yes, I know, you normally don’t ever use shimmery shades in the crease. You can always use a matte shadow instead, but I thought this would be easy as a one shadow look.


Next I just use a flat shadow brush to apply the same shadow all over the lid. I did dampen my brush just to enhance the shimmer finish.


Next I took black liner and lined my upper and lower waterline. I smudged the liner a little into my lashline. I also used a pencil brush to apply the same shadow on the lower lashline. I used a clean blending brush to just buff out the edges.


Finish it off with a couple coats of mascara! Done!


I used to wear this look alllllll the time. I think the color of the shadow compliments my eye color very well and I loved the slight grungy look of the smoked out black liner. This could be worn for any occasion.

Next is a bit more of a colorful look. I cheated here and used an outside matte shade to blend into my crease.


Next I used a damp brush to pack Burst Into Bloom all over my lid.


I used a small blending brush to blend Smoldering Plum into the outer V of my eye and the lower lashline.


Finished it off with mascara!


The more colorful shades of the shadows perform just as well as the more neutral everyday shades.

These shadows are creamy and blendable and last all day. I highly recommend these.

Do you have any drugstore throwbacks that you still use? I’d love to know in the comments.




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