Are You Liptuitive?

Becca Cosmetics launched new Sprin/Summer products and while neither the eye or face palette appealed to me, the lip gloss caught my attention. 

The Becca Liptuitive Glow Lip Gloss boasts that it will turn the perfect shade of pink based on your natural chemistry. It also has Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated.


At first I thought maybe the lip gloss was just a gimmick. But last month I was at Sephora and I just tried it out in store, and I was very surprised by the outcome. I’ve purchased other Becca glosses in the past and loved them so I took the plunge and bought this one too.


In the packaging the gloss appears to be a clear bluish gloss with very fine pink and blue shimmers throughout. When it is applied to the lips the shimmer isn’t noticeable and I think it is more light reflective then a visible shimmer.


The gloss itself is more on the thin side. This isn’t a gooey, sticky gloss. It has more of a slip to it. I also find that the gloss doesn’t last all day. It will last about 4 hours but even when the gloss is gone my lips still feel hydrated and the pink stain is there for HOURS.


Here is a quick selfie of my lips before I applied the gloss. My lips are pink, but pale.

2018-04-03 10.25.20

Here are my lips just a few minutes after I applied the gloss.

2018-04-03 12.22.13

The above picture was taken around Noon. The picture below was taken after I got home from the gym at around 7:00pm. I had applied the gloss 7 hours before and had not touched up. Plus I had eaten lunch and worked out.

2018-04-03 19.25.28

These pictures don’t even do justice to the shade of pink my lips turned. They turned this very pretty, vibrant pink shade.

I was totally expecting this gloss to be gimmicky or horrible. But instead this gloss was better than I could have imagined.




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  1. alattestyle says:

    Omg I need that gloss 😩♥️


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