Bushy Brows

Is anyone on a perpetual hunt for the perfect brow products?  I always am! Who else is with me? Well I might have found a new favorite and its from the drugstore.

Now to preface this brow review I have to say – I have pretty easy brows. They are naturally full and I don’t really have to worry about filling in sparse areas. I’m more concerned about making my brows look the same, filling out the tail, and brushing them into place.


I have an all time favorite brow pencil – and I’ve never been able to find anything better. (A good blonde pencil is so hard to find at the drugstore!) But I’ve been on a hunt for a great affordable brow gel.

I’ve tried a few good drugstore brands NYX, Sephora Collection, NYX again, and Maybelline. These were all ok! But they weren’t exactly what I wanted.


I recently discovered the L’oreal Brow Stylist Boost & Set – and its everything I’ve been looking for! This comes in 4 colors: clear, blonde, light brunette, and dark brunette.


This product has the tiniest littlest wand. The small wand really allows you to brush the product through your brows and set them they way you want. My biggest complaint with most brow gels is the wand is too big and I could never brush it through the tail of my brow with any precision. There are little fibers in the gel that cling to your natural brow hairs and help fill in any sparse areas.


Honestly I am obsessed with this brow gel. Its the perfect color and it holds my naturally full brows in place all day. I might have to go back to Ulta and buy 5 more of these, I’m that crazy about it.



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