Glitter Bomb

Music Festival season is upon us. One of the staples of festival makeup is glitter (although I like to wear it all year long!). I picked up some glitter liners recently and I thought I would show you that they can be versatile. 


I picked up two different glitter liners from Ulta. I picked up the Too Faced Glitter Pop Peel Off Eyeliner in the shade Fairy Queen. I also got the Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner in the shade Pyro.


I was really excited about the Too Faced Glitter Pop liner. I mean peel off liner?? That sounds pretty cool! The packaging is gorgeous, the lilac glitter is beautiful and it has a fine point brush applicator.



The Urban Decay Heavy Metal liners have been around for years. This shade, Pyro, is one of their new shades they released during the holiday season. Pyro is a beautiful  iridescent glitter, which I thought would be really versatile.


Here are the swatches side by side. The iridescent glitter really catches the light and the lilac glitter is pretty opaque.


Since the Too Faced glitter is a bit more opaque than the Urban Decay one I decided to use it as traditional wing liner. It does take about two coats to build this up and I will say it does peel off! It doesn’t come off in one strip but it does do it, its pretty cool.

For the Urban Decay glitter I wanted to use it a different way. I created a fun bright eye shadow look that was all matte and used the glitter as a topper. Since the base of this glitter is clear it is so easy to layer over a shadow and transform it.

What are some of your favorite ways to use glitter liners? Is it something you use often or never? Let me know!



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