Ultra Matte Colour

I picked up a couple new Ultra Matte Lipsticks from ColourPop at Ulta. These are perfect shades for spring and summer.

I’ve already written about how great it is that ColourPop is being carried at Ulta. I’m holding out hope that they expand the selection of products you can buy. There are some great ColourPop products but it would be even more awesome if I can earn Ulta points and I generally prefer shopping for makeup in person.


I recently did a great deal of ‘Spring Cleaning’, not just cleaning out my closet but I also went through and cleaned out my makeup collection. Years ago I was OBSESSED with ColourPop Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin lipsticks and probably ordered them every month because they had such a wide range of colors and the price was perfect. But during the clean out I had to get rid of a few of them as they don’t have the longest shelf life.


I decided to pick up a few new shades at Ulta. One is an old favorite that I needed a fresh tube of and the second is a shade I didn’t have before.


I picked up Creeper which is a beautiful blue red. Honestly it is one of my all time favorite red lipsticks. It compliments my skin tone so well and stays put all day. It’s the least high maintenance red lipstick I own.

The second shade is Fresh Cut. This color is a true blue based pink. I really love this shade of pink. Its not too bright or pale or pastel. It has enough richness to it that I think it could compliment a lot of people.

Swatches of Creeper and Fresh Cut
Swatches in sunlight

I like the ColourPop matte formula. It is drying but if you prep your lips with a coat of chapstick or something moisturizing then it isn’t so bad. I like that once it is on- it doesn’t budge. I slept in my makeup one night (I know, I know, never sleep in your makeup) and the Ultra Matte lipstick I had on didn’t even move while I was sleeping. How many lipsticks do that?!

Do you have any favorite ColourPop lipsticks I should try? I’d love suggestions!





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  1. I haven’t tried their liquid lipsticks, but I love their glosses! My favorite shade is Curvii… its the prettiest pinky nude, and it’s super moisturizing!


    1. I’ll have to try the glosses, surprisingly I haven’t done that. But the Ultra Mattes and the Ultra Satins are some of my favorites!


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