My Superpower is Brows

I have a brand new product for you today! The 24 hour Super Brow pomade from Kat Von D. 

Kat Von D has released all new brow products a pomade, powder, and pencil. The pomade is all over social media because it comes in 16 shades! There are 7 shades that are more ‘natural’ shades like blonde, taupe, and light brown. There are 9 shades that are more fun and creative. This product also claims to stay on 24 hours and is smudge proof. This retails for $19.


Now I normally use Benefit’s Precisely My Brow to fill in my brows. But there are times when I want a bolder brow and a pomade is perfect for that look.


Kat Von D also came out with a brush for the pomade but my local Sephora was out of stock so I used an Anastasia Beverly Hills brush instead. The packaging for this product is pretty cute and detailed. All the shades have a matching lid with a really intricate design plus the Kat Von D logo.

The product is so creamy that it feels like it would never dry down to be smudge proof. The pomade stays creamy just long enough for you to work with the product and then when it dries down it is absolutely budge proof. Below is a swatch of the shade Blonde.


Now my brows are fairly full on their own. I really only fill them in to help enhance the shape that is already there, I don’t have any sparse areas.

Here are my brows with no product-


Here is my brow after using the Kat Von D Super Brow


A comparison –

Left brow is bare, Right brow is filled in

Now I know my application is not perfect. I think that most pomade products have a bit of a learning curve to them because it can be very easy to go overboard with the product. But you can see what a difference there is between the two brows. The other nice thing about this pomade is that you don’t have to use a brow gel because the pomade sets the hairs in place.


The day I tested this product out I ended up taking a nap later that day and was face down in a pillow. When I woke up 2 hours later my brows had not moved. I think this product does what it claims to do and more. This will give you a smudge proof brow that will last all day. Now I don’t have any sparse areas for me to fill in but I think this product would be perfect if you needed to add fullness to your brows. My one complaint is I wish there was one shade lighter for blondes because this shade is a touch dark for being the lightest ‘natural’ shade.


Overall I really like this product. If you’re someone who loves a bold brow, wants to try some fun colors, or like me, just wants to try something different- then try this product! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



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  1. Ohhh, this looks like it has a nice ashy undertone. Great review!


    1. Thank you! It really is an amazing product

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