Coffee Inspired

I am a coffee addict. I have a cup of coffee everyday. I tried to give it up once and lasted a whole week. I love the act of making coffee and drinking it throughout the morning. In honor of National Coffee Day (yup another weird made up holiday) I give you this coffee inspired…

September Play Box

I back with another unboxing of the September Sephora Play box. There was a little mishap with my August box (never made it to my door) so I’m this month made it through. Keep on reading if you want to see what I got this month! 

Becca Blur

I am on a constant quest to have amazing, flawless skin. Even when I don’t I like to find products that might help me look like I do. One recent discovery does just that. 

Glow Gloss

You know I hate to admit this, but sometimes the packaging and the finish of a product lures me in. This is exactly what happened with the Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss.

Happy Anniversary!

Holy cow, I can’t believe I started my little blog one year ago! A year ago I wrote my very first post. Thank you for following me along on my journey. Thank you for being supportive. Thank you for coming back to my little corner of the internet. 

Lovin’ Love

I love, love. I mean who doesn’t? It makes me all mushy and gushy and happy. I have been privileged enough to witness quite a few friends get married over the last couple of years. So if you would like some tips on what to wear and an easy makeup look to wear to a…

Peaches & Cream

Too Faced has FINALLY released their long awaited Peaches and Cream collection. This was all inspired by the insane cult following from the release of the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette. I happened to wander in to my local Sephora the day the collection launched in stores and I have to say, I’m so glad I…

August Favorites

It is now September! The beginning of fall. The time for sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, and cozy weekends. Unless you’re living in Northern California which while I’m writing this is 110 degrees. I feel like its the furthest thing from fall right now. But to commemorate the ‘end of summer’ lets see what I’ve been…

Electric Lady

Outside of the blog, I work a 9 to 5 office job. I wear professional business clothes, heels, and office appropriate makeup. (i.e. nothing too flashy or trendy) While this blog is aimed at the “everyday woman”, sometimes this everyday woman, needs to get outside that professional neutral box. 

Marky Marc

As you may have guessed from my last blog post, a lot of the eyeshadow palettes that have come out recently haven’t really appealed to me. I either wasn’t impressed with the quality, the shades, or just wasn’t my style. But there was a palette that did get released that I was instantly drawn to….


How many of you are sucked into hauls on YouTube? I know I am. Watching hauls is a great way to see whats new, but sometimes I don’t need all that stuff! Now I love makeup, so I probably have more makeup products than the average woman. But I am not a professional so I…

Work it Out

Last week I got a bit more personal and talked about some weight issues and how running has been a huge outlet for me. I featured some of my must haves as a novice runner. Another must have is work out clothes! (Since I can’t run around naked)