Lazy Saturday

It has been raining practically non stop for two weeks. I think I might need to build a boat at this point. While dealing with the rain during the work week is never fun, I do love rainy weekends. There is something about waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of rain that…

Garlic Rosemary Chicken | Food

I’ll be honest, I have been in a food rut lately. I have basically made every version of chicken and broccoli that I can think of. One thing I want to work on is to find new recipe’s to make at home and try to jazz up my weeknight dinner rotation. I bought some chicken…

Pecan Pie | Baking

This past year I have started experimenting in baking. I love to watch baking competitions. Watch cupcake and cake decorating videos on YouTube. Find new and interesting recipes on Pinterest. I also blame my office for having monthly potlucks for giving me a reason to try all these new ideas.

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. For me Thanksgiving is about friends, family, food, and making memories that will be with you forever. Unlike Christmas which is more about giving and receiving, Thanksgiving is just about being around loved ones and having a good time. Its times like these that I remind myself that…

Temple Coffee Roasters | Sacramento

I love coffee. That also might be an understatement. I drink coffee everyday. There is just something about sitting there with a warm mug enjoying the morning. It’s also the thing that gets me through most work day mornings. A couple Saturday’s ago I wanted to try a local coffee shop and walk around downtown. 

Zombie Cupcakes | Baking

I had a Halloween/Fall potluck at work recently and I decided to try and get a bit creative. I got inspired for this by a Pinterest picture of human brain cupcakes. Halloween is always a great time to get creative, freaky, and gross when it comes to baking.