March Play Box

My March Sephora Play Box arrived this week and I’m pretty excited about it. Keep reading to see what I got!  Advertisements

September Play Box

I back with another unboxing of the September Sephora Play box. There was a little mishap with my August box (never made it to my door) so I’m this month made it through. Keep on reading if you want to see what I got this month! 

Hair Prep

When I was in college I had a roommate who affectionately called me a “goo-hoarder”. This was because she was unlucky enough to share a bathroom with me and my plethora of hair care items. My side of the sink was always cluttered with bottles of various sprays, mists, creams, and serums. Even now, my…

June Favorites

Holy cow. How is it July?! Sometimes it feels like time is just speeding by! Keep reading to see what I was loving this past month! 

Turn up the volume| Hair

For some of us the quest for voluminous hair can be never ending. How many of you have tried sprays, mousse, teasing, rollers, etc? Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. Sometimes my hair might look great but feels terrible. Recently I tried a couple new products that I think are pretty awesome! 

New Year. New Hair | Hair

When it comes to my hair, I get bored VERY easily. At least once a year I’m doing something different, changing it up. The new year means a new fresh look.

Casual Christmas | Holiday

Tis the season. Christmas and Hanukkah are fast approaching. The holidays usually mean lots of parties and gatherings. I created this easily festive makeup look that has one special element: glitter.

Holiday Hairstyles | Hair

Hi everyone! Sorry for the little break in posts last week. Somehow the month of December got here with a bang and I’ve been so busy just trying to keep up! Speaking of December, this month seems to be the month of parties! I love a great dress up party. Its a chance to dress…

Ultra Chi Flat Iron | Review

A flat iron. Something you may or may not think about. But sometimes a very crucial tool. My flat iron gave out a couple of weeks ago so I had to replace it. I decided to finally invest in a little bit of a nicer one. Lucky for me, Ulta had the new Ultra Chi…