May Play Box

May is over and that means my Sephora Play Box came in the mail! So lets get to it.  Advertisements

March Play Box

My March Sephora Play Box arrived this week and I’m pretty excited about it. Keep reading to see what I got! 

February Play Box

February is almost over! Which means my Sephora Play Box got delivered. So what did I get this month? 

January Play Box

January is coming to an end. I love January because its full fresh starts and do-overs. But at the same time it can feel like a month full of Mondays. Any one else feel that way? This pretty little box of surprises showed up on my doorstep just in time. 

November Sephora Play Box

This month is just flying by! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving on Thursday and I know I’m going to blink and it’s going to be Christmas. But before the month is over, lets unbox my Sephora Play Box. 

October Play Box

How is October almost over?! As sad as I am that Fall is slipping by, I am VERY excited for the upcoming holidays. That’s one aspect of the Sephora Play Box that I love, is that every month feels like your birthday. I mean who doesn’t love getting little surprises in the mail?! Keep reading…

September Favorites

Happy October! Its the start of one of my favorite months. While the official start of fall may be in September, it doesn’t really feel like it until October. Plus I feel like October is the kick off to all the fun holidays to come – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah. But before I get…

September Play Box

I back with another unboxing of the September Sephora Play box. There was a little mishap with my August box (never made it to my door) so I’m this month made it through. Keep on reading if you want to see what I got this month! 

Sephora July Play Unboxing

How many of you pay for a subscription box? Probably a lot of you. The concept of the subscription box isn’t brand new, but it is a great way of trying new stuff out, and it’s like a little gift to yourself every month. So here is July’s Sephora Play unboxing. If you like this…